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ФГБОУ ВО Орловский ГАУ
8:00 до 17:00. Перерыв 13:00-14:00. График работы: Пн-Пт, Выходной: Сб, Вс
+7 (4862) 43-69-98

ФГБОУ ВО Орловский ГАУ

Почта доверия: helpline@orelsau.ru

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Vice-Rector for Education 
Tatjana I. Guljaeva 
 Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences.

Prof. Tatiana Guljaeva graduated from the Economic Faculty of Kharkov State University with a specialization in “Statistics”. In 1984 she presented the master's thesis, in 2001 - the thesis for a doctor's degree on a specialty 080012 "Statistics". Since 1975 is on teaching work. The theme of scientific researches is "Statistical maintenance of food safety of the state".

Tel: +7 (4862) 45-40-64 
E-mail: prorector1@orelsau.ru  


Vice-Rector for Economics 
Tatjana M. Kuznetzova 
  Ph.D. in Economics  

Tatiana Kuznetzova graduated from Orel agricultural technical school in 1988 with specialization in «Accounting in agricultural production» and in 1996 she graduated from Orel State Agricultural Academy with a specialization in «Accounting, control and the economic activities analysis». In 2011 - the master's thesis on a specialty 08.00.05 – «Economy and management of a national economy: 10. Management». The theme of scientific research is «Formation of effective personnel selection in the organizations of agrarian sector». The chief accountant since 1995. 

Tel. +7 (4862) 45-40-35


Vice-Rector for Research

Sergey A. Rodimtsev

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Sergey Rodimtsev graduated from the Road and construction machinery faculty of Tashkent Automobile and Road Institute in 1991. In 2001 he presented the master’s  thesis on: "Research of threshing and separating device for the combine harvester", in 2008 - the thesis for a doctor's degree on  "Technological and technical solutions for pedigree seed grain legumes production." At the university since 1998. The author of over 60 scientific publications, including 3 study guides and 15 inventions. Gives a course of lectures in "Industrial Safety", " Contemporary issues of science in agroengineering."

Phone: (4862) 43-19-81

E-mail: nichogau@yandex.ru


Vice-Rector for International Affairs and Educational work 
Nina A. Pervikh 
Ph.D. in Economics  

Nina Pervykh graduated from Orel State Pedagogical Institute with a specialization in “Foreign languages”. In 2007 she presented the master's thesis on “Reproduction of professional managers and specialist of agricultural enterprises in the region” on the basis of Orel region.

 Tel.: +7(4862) 76-21-77